College History

Sikh National College, one of the oldest and historical educational institutions of the region, was established in June 1938 at Lahore, with S. Niranjan Singh as its founder principal. It was the dream of the people of the time to build an ideal institute committed to National Ideals, which would mould the character of students into non-communal brotherhood. For the purpose, Principal Niranjan Singh had the backing as well as co-operation of Baba Bhola Singh, Master Kehar Singh, Giani Kartar Singh, Master Tara Singh and Bawa Harkishan Singh Ji. Sikh Educational Society (S. E. S.) was registered in Lahore with Baba Bhola Singh, as President and Master Kehar Singh, as the Secretary to manage the college affairs.

Sardar Bahadur Inder Singh Ji, in Jan1938 laid the foundation stone of the college. Sardar Bahadur donated one Lac rupees to the college and was later elected as President of S.E.S. The major cash funding to the college came from various Sikh Gurdwara Committees namely, Darbar Sahib Amritsar, Nankana Sahib, Punja Sahib and Tarn-Taran Sahib. A new local Managing Committee (SES) was formed and S. Baldev Singh (The 1st Defense Minister of Independent India) and S. Sampuran Singh were elected as the President and the Vice-President respectively.

The college not only contributed in the field of education, games and literature but also propagated national views, modern ideology and progressive thought of that time. The college also made major contribution in India’s Freedom Struggle by providing patriotic values through the academics. It was the only institute of that time, where in, the freedom activities were institutionalized and the Tricolor flag of India was hoisted atop its building.

As the country edged towards partition in 1947, Sikh National College too had to pay the price. It had to abandon its functioning at Lahore in June 1947. However it was re-established at Qadian in March 1948, with Bawa Harkishan Singh Ji as its first Principal in the Post-Independence Era. The objective of the college was then focused on the development of the personality and character of students through the teachings of our great Gurus.

Presently, the Sikh Educational Society, Sector 26, Chandigarh is managing the college affairs, along with five other pioneer educational institutions, SGGS College, SGGS College for Woman, SGGS College of Pharmacy, SGGS Collegiate Public School, all at Chandigarh and Sikh National College at Banga (Nawa Shehar). Hon’ble S. Gurdev Singh Brar IAS (Retd.) and S. Kulbir Singh are respectively the President and Vice-President. Col (Retd.) Jasmer Singh Bala and S. Karandeep Singh Cheema (Advocate) are respectively the Secretary and Joint-Secretary of the Society.

Nine years back, the college, first time volunteered for Accreditation to National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore, which is an autonomous body of UGC under HRD Ministry of Central Govt. The NAAC peer team, comprising three members, visited the college to verify and asses the over-all development and facilities being provided to the students. On the basis of the recommendations of this peer team, the college was awarded B+ Grade by the NAAC.

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