Vision & Mission

Sikh National College was started with the vision that this institute would be an ideal institute; where in the character of students would be molded into a non-communal brotherhood. The non-communal brotherhood then would create human values in students and they would become the ideal citizens of this country. The vision still has been kept alive and the mission, “Shubh Karman Te Kabhoon Na Taroon” (That I shall never abandon the path of noble actions) is still being carried with great zeal by educating students in the college.

Our Vision

Our Mission

The objective of the college is to provide quality education to students, especially the rural pupils and to provide the ample opportunities for the development of overall personality, so that they could act wisely and perform good actions. When a new teacher or employee enters the job, the principal and fellow staff members give orientation about the vision, mission and objectives of the institution to the employee. In staff meetings, the principal always stresses upon the vision, mission and objectives of this institution and motivates the employees to work with passion while remembering these goals. The students and other stake holders are provided ‘Prospectus’ and ‘Annual Reports’ to communicate the vision, mission and objectives of the college. .

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